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1 Why Choose King’s?

Academic Excellence

At King’s the curriculum, teaching and assessment are first class and tailor-made for our students. There is a concentration on traditional subjects such as English, Mathematics, Science, Geography and History. There is also an extended programme of enrichment activities at the end of each school day to further develop the talents of our students.

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Distinctive Curriculum

All students will follow a traditional education with emphasis on the study of English, Mathematics, Science, History, Geography and a European language. These subjects will be supported by a full programme of creative, recreational and personal development activities.

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Smaller Class Sizes

Smaller Class Sizes

For the academic arc of our curriculum we only employ highly talented and successful teachers who have a proven record of classroom success.  At King’s your child will be allocated a house within our House system. This means that your child will be cared for by their form tutor and taught to value their community. There are never more than 24 children in one class!

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Leadership and Character Building

Leadership is our specialism. At every stage of your child’s education we offer a multitude of enrichment opportunities to develop their leadership skills and prepare them for life in the twenty first century.

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2 Our Approach

Education in England has been subject to much change over the last few years. King’s School offers a much more traditional approach and is committed to delivering an excellent education for your child.

During their time with us we offer focused learning experiences which aim to immerse students into themes related to higher education, highly skilled professions and beyond. For example, students set their own university and career trajectory from year 7. They research what they want to be, what qualifications they need to get there and how they are going to do it.

3 Are You Interested?

The Local Authority has a statutory duty to compile admissions for King’s Leadership Academy and we must advise you to follow the Authority’s on-line secondary school admission process.

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